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Pursue your MFA in Writing

In Sarah Lawrence’s nationally recognized Masters in Writing program, students work in close collaboration with faculty members who are distinguished writers and devoted teachers.

MFA Creative Writing students choose to concentrate in these genres:

MFA Writing Fiction

MFA Fiction students focus on bringing together precision of language with boldness of imaginative grasp. We closely study the craft lessons learned by the writers who have gone before us—but never lose sight of the fact that each new work of fiction is a leap into the unknown.

MFA Creative Nonfiction

Our students engage in spirited and thought-provoking investigations of the aesthetics and ethics of nonfiction writing. MFA students consider questions such as: Is it possible to write freely about other people without exploiting them? Is there a difference between factual and essential truth? How do we find narrative coherence within the messy actualities of life?

MFA Poetry

The focus is both minute and broad—examining poems on a cellular level, then talking about larger issues, such as poetic traditions and compositional techniques. We ask for full participation, deep inquiry, and rigor.

MFA Speculative Fiction

We look closely at the special questions posed by speculative fiction, paying particular attention to the question of how to combine mind-bending world-building with powerful narrative drive. We begin from the premise that the literary exploration of alternative realities deserves as much respect as any other literary genre, and that fantasy and sci-fi writers are producing some of the most compelling fiction of our time.

During biweekly one-on-one conferences, our faculty engages with your work in depth and in detail, accompanying you every step of the way as you investigate the possibilities of your art. Masters of Creative Writing students enjoy the following benefits:

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